“There you are!” She called out to Miles , her best friend . Her only friend .

“I’ve been looking for you in the whole school, where the hell were you ? She said.

“I’m sorry Andy , I couldn’t face you. ” said Miles. “Why? Did you eat my lunch again”she asked jokingly .

“No ,shut up Andrea”said he . She knew there was something serious because he never calls her ‘Andrea’. Miles knew that what he was going to say will break Andy’s heart which he couldn’t bear , he said those words which were going to change Andy’s life forever . “I’m leaving Andy”. She was baffled “what do you mean by you are leaving? ” , Miles didn’t want to explain but he had to because he knew Andy is very stubborn and she needed, rather she deserved, an explaination .

He said “Andy, I’m leaving . I’m leaving this school ,I am leaving this city and I know it’s going to be difficult for you but I’m sorry . Please forgive me. I’m going to miss you. But I’ve to go. ”

She was stunned. She didn’t want to know why he was leaving or where he was going because she was horrified ,horrified to know that her only friend . her best friend. Her Love was leaving her. She didn’t want to say goodbye so she ran away and did not turn to see the tear drops in Mile’s eyes. Little did Andy know , Miles was going to die, he was leaving for his treatment and he had always loved her . He started walking in the rain ,hoping. Hoping that he will return to Andy.