Lost stars.

She had broken wings , eyes yet devine.

was a nightmare, the love she thought to be fine.

On the other shore , was ,he, a jolly good guy .

Full of life and a little shy.

He had her in his heart safe in his chest. She had no clue a guy like him did even exist.

She used to be a spring flower which bloomed, but now just a face that gloomed.

destiny made them meet. He fell for her instantly but,

She thought he too was a cheat.

she closed her doors, couldn’t let anyone in,

love was a myth and she wont’t commit that sin.

They were like moth and fire. Can’t be together though endless was the desire.

he touched her sould like a morning ray after a night of storms. She fancied waking up to the dawn

the flower of friendship bloomed , saving a soul nearing it’s doom.

Her dreams she thought, had met the ultimate end. Little did she know her dreams her would mend.

Her broken wings got fixed through faith love and friendship mixed.

The dreams, no more shattered as they were together no enemity mattered.

Now, two lost stars stand ‘gainst the dark sky.

sprinkling stardust to remember them by.




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