That Second.

Those eyes, Big and beautiful yet so innocent.She was happily married now with her best friend and lover . She wondered how happy she was ,she was doing great in her job ,she was one of the biggest female playback singers. As she was remembering all the major moments in her life a scene flashed in front of her eyes. oh. That day… how could she forget .. she froze in her chair a sudden adrenaline rush ,she was feeling . Her soul went back to her room to the time when she was 16 , bottle of organo phosphorous .. 3 pills ..and she would be dead. Her life was miserable she thought. Because as a teen bullying or just a break up can provoke you to take your life. She used to think that she has experienced everything in high school- Bullying , heart break, broken friendships. She thought her life is of no use. Her room was dark , just her table lamp was giving that faint light. She almost took the pills but , then she thought what if her mom would cry forever or her best friend would dig a deep hole of depression . She kept those pills back, because she loved her family and her best friend too much to leave them guilty and sad. She will not die just because of some bully or a C+ in her math test. That second she realized the worth of life. Life is far more important than all this and she has to live it through the ups and the downs. After putting those pills back she went downstairs and hugged her mom dad and went out to live her life.

She came back to reality with the sound of zac ‘s crying. Zac, his baby boy . He was awake and hungry..she picked him up to feed him and smiled at the roof thinking about That second which she survived..


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