The  sound of the fainting beep  of her fading heartbeat on the cardiac monitor , the panicking voices of the doctors and the blinding light above her … all were blurring…slowly and slowly. She knew she was dying ,right there and right then. She was too young to die, but she couldn’t help it  . Suddenly there was a long , shreaky beeping sound and  she could see nothing. She knew she was dead now, but if she were dead then how could she think ,she was confused.

She heard some noises around her and saw a bright light. She started walking, and she saw herself as a baby in her mother’s arms and her dad capturing the moment. This can’t be happening,she thought..How could she see all this after death because all this happens only in movies. She continued walking and saw her little self walking cluelessly on the first day of school. She walked past the day when she was diagnosed with 2nd stage cancer, leukemia . She remembered thinking “how cliché , I’ll die of cancer , this is not a Nicholas Sparks book, right? “.

Suddenly,she could see her mom sitting on the hospital floor and crying ,howling on her dad’s shoulder. Everybody was crying. She went back to those times , in her mind where her mom would cry and She would jokingly say “Mom I’m not dead ,stop crying “. She started crying but she knew she couldn’t go back, so she continued walking and saw a funeral scene , her funeral. The whole school came, well almost. Even her ex- friends came , who hated her and bullied her. She saw her best friend , in a black tuxedo which she bought for him saying, he should have a tux atleast for her funeral.  When they were beginning to bury her she started to feel empty .

She was gone. Leaving her mom with a void inside her for the rest of her life, her dad encouraging and fighting along with  the cancer victims and their families, hoping that nobody else would die like his princess.


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