April 25, 2k15

She had tears in her eyes. It had been 3 months since that day but she still couldn’t believe what had happened.

She sat there in the pouring rain ,remembering  those moments with her family.

Her dad, a workoholic yet the best father . 40 by age but 30 by heart. The way he would always be there to protect her .Her mom, the prettiest and the most mild lady . She missed her mom’s food and was regretting all those times when she refused to eat it. Her Sister was five years older but she always felt that her sister was her only friend.                               Those nights where all four of them, Mom ,dad ,didi and of course buddy would go for drives to get ice-cream from BR , the way her mom annoyingly would crib about how costly a single scoop was. She missed all of it ,even the fights her mom and dad had sometimes after which she always thought she’ll never raise a family. 

But today, she desperately needed a family, her family . She couldn’t help but think and curse herself for planning that nepal trip , that trip was supposed to be  fun . She obviously did not know that she would lose her family there . The memories of that trip gave her chills and she would feel that she will collapse and die and would go to her mom dad. She wanted that. She wanted to die  but no, She knew she was a warrior. She was hoping that years later, one day she would not hear the scream of her sister when she was dying because of a huge wall above her. She would not have nightmares of the sight of her gorgeous mom’s head burst open and bleeding and her dad laying beside her so cold, so dead. People would forget about that earthquake gradually but she ,she couldn’t forget it. In that rain ,all she craves for was her mom’s lap ,her dad’s hug and her sister’s smile. She sat there ,curling up into a ball, crying. Buddy came to her n licked her forehead, as if saying that it’s going to be okay ,she was not alone. She smiled crookedly and hugged him .


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